300x Shockproof Tennis Table




The 300x is one of the more rugged and durable tennis table on the market today. The 5mm laminated top provides good ball bounce and is impervious to snow, sleet, beer, paddle bangs and more. Simply wipe it down with a mild detergent and you are good to go. It is available in a  blue or grey color that has an anti-reflective SoftMat finish to minimize reflection from sun light.

The robustness and stability of the 300X table can be appreciated at first glance. But these are not his only qualities. Its game boards offer a good quality of rebound, which will delight players of all levels. Able to adapt to somewhat rough terrain with its adjustable feet, the 300X table also guarantees a high level of safety thanks to its central locking / unlocking system and its two brakes.

Whether you use this table inside or out this is the last table you will have to buy.

Complex Assembly time: approximately 2 hours (free warehouse pickup)
White glove installation: $200.00 (within 30 mile radius)