Pool Tables Plus Offers Full Game Room Service!

Loree Jon’s Pool Tables Plus is New Jersey’s first choice for top quality Billiard and Pool Table service and sales.  Pool Tables Plus was founded in 1975, with a vision to provide professional service and competitive pricing in all aspects of the billiards industry.   We service all of New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania and more. Since 1975, our customers have experienced a standard of excellence second to none in the billiards industry.

Our service department is based in central New Jersey and we have over 10 highly trained and experienced technicians who are dispatched to all areas as needed.  We serviced pool tables in the mountains of Vermont, New Hampshire and Colorado, to the shores of Delaware, California, St. Thomas, Belize and more.  We offer impeccable full service on all aspects of the billiards industry including:

Setup:  We can install any brand of new or pre-owned pool table. Most of the tables we install are those sold through our three New Jersey based showrooms.  However, if you purchased from a third party or on the internet you will need experienced installers to complete the job. In some cases the owner attempted to assemble the pool table but soon discovered it was not so easy.   We can finish the installation if necessary. It is always best to have experienced professionals to install a pool table.  Your pool tables will only perform well when installed properly.  We are a full service, fully insured company who has been in business since 1975.  We guarantee our work and we have the knowledge, experience and equipment to complete the job without damage to the
pool table, house or person.

Knock-Down:  If you want a pool table taken apart, contact us.  Attempting to disassemble a pool table can damage the table if not done properly. We have skilled pool table technicians that can properly disassemble a pool table and pack it for storage or shipment.  Pool table components are heavy and can cause injury if not handled safely. Let us do the work for you.  We have the knowledge, experience and equipment to complete the job without damaging the pool table, house or people.

Crate Slate:  If you are planning to move a great distance to a new home, you have most likely contacted a moving company. We work with moving companies and individuals to disassemble and prepare the pool table for shipment.  Most moving companies require the slates to be individually crated and we can disassemble your pool table and build special crates for each slate.  Your pool table and the slate can now be handled safely by the movers and assured of its safe transport to its new home.

Re-Assembly:  If you recently moved to a new home, your pool table was most likely disassembled and crated. We will re-assemble your pool table, re-level and recover if needed. We can work with you or directly with the moving company to complete the work.

Recovering:  After years of playing on a pool table the cloth may need replacement. In some cases you may want a different color or grade of billiard fabric. You pick the color and grade, and we will come to your home, remove the rails, apply the new fabric to the six rails, stretch and staple the fabric to slate frame and place shims under the legs to give you a rough level.  For a small additional fee, we can precisely level your table by removing the slate hardware to balance, level and re-seam your slates.  Let us know how we can help.

Moving:  We can move your billiard table across the state or across the room and you can rest assure that your investment will arrive in perfect condition. Our experienced service technicians use top quality tools, including state-of-the-art machine levels and custom shims.  We guarantee that your table will look great and play as well as it can with expert leveling and tightly stretched and secured cloth.  We guarantee that you
will be completely satisfied with all of our service work.

There are many reasons for moving a pool table. You may be moving to a new home in the area. You may have purchased a used pool table and need us to move it from the previous owners home to yours. You may be installing new carpeting and want the pool table moved to a different room during construction. We handle it all, just give us a call.

Re-leveling: Anytime a pool table is moved it will need to be re-leveled. In some situations the table becomes unlevel due to a structural change or abuse. If only a slight adjustment is required, we can re-level the pool table by placing shims under the legs to bring it into a rough level position. In more severe cases or when the player demands perfection, we must access the slate mounting hard ware which requires removing the rails and cloth from the slates.  The slates are then adjusted, balanced, leveled and re-seamed with bees-wax or epoxy.  The process to precisely re-level a pool table is straight forward but very time consuming. For a small additional fee we can replace the billiard fabric at this time.  Let us know how we can help.

Pool Table Cushion Replacement:  After several years you may notice the pool table cushions are not as responsive or have an irregular response. This means it’s time to replace the pool table cushions. The pool table cushions are usually glued onto the rail assembly. Therefore we will remove the cloth and rubber from the rails, glue new rubber cushions, custom trim new facings and recover with new cloth. This is always a good time to replace the cloth on the table because the new cloth on the cushions will not match the older cloth on the bed of the table. For most customers when the cushions are replaced the table gets an overhaul with new cloth, cushions, re-level and anything else needed to restore your table to its original glory.

Slate Replacement:  Pool table slate is a hard and stable material.  However it can get broken during transport or when sat upon if it is not properly supported.  Unfortunately, there are no slate standards and every table manufacturer uses their own unique size and pattern.  Therefore, it is critical for us to know the make and model when replacing slate.  Since the slate is honed and registered as a set of three pieces, we would order a new set of slate, bring it to your location, install and re-level the slate.

On-Site Pool Table Repair and Restoration:  A pool table can be a rugged commercial design or a fine piece of furniture.  If it is damaged, structurally or cosmetically, it may need repair. We will do that repair. In most cases the pool table can be restored fully. We will assess the damage before beginning
any pool table repair.

Pocket Repair or Replacement:  Pool table pockets can become dry rotted, torn or just old and shabby and in need of replacement.  The pockets may be made of plastic/rubber and located inside the rails or they may be made of leather with fringe or shield and located outside the rails.  In either case we can provide you with the look and function you need.  Let us know how we can serve you.

Insurance Estimates of Game Damage: Bad things can happen to good people.  If you have fire, flood, storm or other insurance related damage, we can provide you with repair or replacement cost estimate on any of your game room furnishings.

Used Pool Table Valuation Estimates:  If you want to sell a pool table, it is always a good idea to know its true market value. We can provide you an estimate and advice on how to present the table for sale. Please email us a picture and we will promptly answer any of your questions and give you a fair estimate.

Game Room Consultation:  When making changes to a home, many homeowners seek the advice of professionals.  If you are building a new game room or converting your dining room to a game room it would be our pleasure to come to your home with catalogs, samples of wood finish, fabrics, tape measure, paper and ideas. It is usually a good idea to first visit one of our showroom to begin the visualization process of what is available for a game room. There are many small items that make the game room environment exciting.  We are here to help you in any way possible.

Cue Stick Repair:  We specialize in all aspects of cue repair including: re-tip, replace ferrule, remove dents, re-wrap, and modify shaft diameter and more.

Since its founding in 1975, Pool Tables Plus has earned the trust of customers through our unique combination of quality, value, expertise, integrity, and service. Pool Tables Plus is committed to give you absolute satisfaction. We want you to be delighted with the quality of our service, the craftsmanship of our billiard tables, and the value for your money. The best price, every day with no gimmicks or commissions.

If you are in need of any service, repair or want a special one of a kind pool table or accessory, please call one of our stores or fill out our service questionnaire for your FREE price quote.

Enjoy your visit to our site and let us know how we can serve you today.