About Pool Tables Plus

The roots of Pool Tables Plus can be traced back to 1975 when my parents, John and Gloria Ogonowski, opened Loree Jon Billiards, one of the most active billiard rooms in the tri-state area… (New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania). Many of the World’s best players visited Loree Jon Billiards to compete in sanctioned tournaments.  It was also common practice to hustle other players in games of carom, one-pocket, 9-ball and straight pool. Money was flowing with the likes of Allen Hopkins, Steve Mizerak, Willie Mosconi and so many other colorful characters. I have many fond memories of watching and participating in all night pool matches competing for both money and bragging rights. My entire family plays pool including my youngest sister, Loree Jon, who began playing at the age of four and later went on to win 8 World Titles (50 in all) and in 2002 was inducted into the Billiard Hall of Fame. http://.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loree_Jon_Jones.

I worked in the high-tech industry for 15 years before coming back to my roots.  In 1989, I formed Pool Tables Plus, Inc. along with my sister Nancy. My years in sales and marketing gave me an edge and taught me to recognize opportunities.  There were no retail stores in New Jersey where you could shop for high-quality game room furniture. We brought in the best quality pool tables, billiard accessories and game tables and quickly developed a reputation for top quality, terrific prices and the best installation in the area.  Word of mouth helped grow our business as customers would tell their friends and family about our store and the excellent service they received.

I knew from my love of the game that a pool table is a precision piece of equipment that plays well only when it is installed properly. The installation process is an art form that I learned early on from my father. Service and installation remain a top priority for our growing company. We are proud to offer the finest American made pool tables and custom game room furniture. From our very own Private label collection to the World’s finest billiard tables, we have a quality offering in every price range.

Today, Pool Tables Plus continues to offer the finest in billiards while adding new lines of game room furniture to satisfy the growing trends in home entertainment. We believe that home entertainment helps foster better relationships within the family and among friends. What could be safer? Stay at home……Play at home. From custom home bars to card tables, chess tables, barstools, darts, wall art, air hockey, ping pong, foosball to our latest selection of sofas, sectionals and theater seating……we have something for everyone!

We are active members in ASID and work closely with designers and interior decorators everywhere. Pool Tables Plus has delivered and installed fine pool tables in all corners of the United States and as far away as Saudi Arabia, Sweden, The Caribbean and Virgin islands.

We look forward to seeing you soon in one of our showrooms.

Warmest Regards,
Mark Ogonowski,
President and CEO