Bantam Pool Table

Introductory Price



The Bantam is designed to appeal to today’s youth, as well as adults that enjoy playing pool, but do not have enough room at home for a standard size pool table. We use the identical K66 rubber cushions found on tournament pool tables which use the professional size 2.25″ diameter pool balls.

There are millions of young adults involved in soccer, hockey and lacrosse. These sports all have one thing in common: a netted goal at each end of the play field. The Bantam uses the same format with a pocket on each end, and so children are in familiar territory the moment they see this table.

Adults players find the Bantam very enjoyable the lack of corner pockets opens up a whole new world of play. Multi-rail bank shots become easy and fun to make, as a whole new world opens up to these adult players. They can now enjoy games like 7-ball and 9-ball on a quality table in a room in their home that was previously too small for a pool table.

The play-ability and overall quality of this table are maintained at the highest level by using professional components including 1″ thick framed slate bed, accufast rubber cushions, standard pool table pockets, and professional 2.25″ diameter pool balls.

Outside dimensions: 42″w x 62″l x 32″ tall.