Dinner and Pool

How convertible pool tables are changing the way you play

Imagine sitting down to dinner with some friends at their place. You comment on their great looking dining room set. They smirk because they have a secret. After the dishes are cleared they enthusiastically ask who’s ready for a game of pool. You’re confused. They don’t have a pool table, and certainly don’t have the space for one! Suddenly, the dining room table you were just eating at turns into a full size pool table!

As a growing world-wide trend, especially among apartment dwellers, large homes and dedicated rooms aren’t necessary to enjoy regular games of pool. Dining table and pool table combos offer versatility like no other. Ranging in style and price points, a combo gives you the flexibility to turn your dining room into a late night pool hall, or your rec room into a space for family banquets. Whatever, your need, you’re sure to find a convertible pool table to fit your style, space, and budget.

The dining pool table is a pool table first, storage for cues, balls, and racks, then with the multi-piece top, it becomes a dining table fit for a feast. It converts back to a pool table quickly and with ease so the next game can get started. The table’s function does not end there.  A dining table can also be a worktable, conference table, laptop station, game table, and more, truly maximizing your space.

New Jersey’s own Pool Tables Plus offers a selection of quality dining pool table combos to choose from with matching benches, chairs, and cue racks. Their Metro-Mission Dine & Play eliminates the need for separate dining and recreation room. A classic mission style made out of solid birch, the bottom of the dining top is custom routed around the corner and side pockets to allow the top to sit flush on the rails. This unique feature allows the perfect integration of a dining top that seamlessly hides the pool table. It’s also light enough to be reoriented easily.

For those who already own a pool table, tabletops are available to convert your existing pool table to suit your entertainment and function needs.  Whether buying a new combination pool table or adding to your existing set-up, gone are the days of debating between a pool table or a dining table, have both!

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