Care and Maintenance of Your Shuffleboard

Protect your investment.  A shuffleboard playing surface is subject to heavy wear.  It requires reasonable care and maintenance just like your home or automobile.  The better care you give it, the more fun and satisfaction you and your family or establishment will derive from it.  By simply following these suggested maintenance procedures you will be insuring the seamless transition of your shuffleboard into future generations.

Weekly Maintenance Procedures and Table Preparation

Spray Cleaner (Also Step A for the periodic maintenance procedure)- This cleaner may be used as needed, depending on play frequency.  Its purpose is to quickly remove dirt and grime from the play surface. It may be used as often as needed, depending on the shuffleboard environment.

Silicone Spray – This spray forms a foundation for the powdered wax.  It is one of the most important elements of table performance. As you might have already noticed, the powder on your table moves around very easily.  You can just walk by the table and the air will disburse the powder.  Using silicone spray before you powder the table will not only reduce the amount of powder you use per game, it will reduce the tracking of your pucks on the table.  Tracking slows down the game.  Before you powder the table, apply a light coat of Silicone Spray.  Let it dry for approximately 1 minute and then apply the powdered wax.

Speed Powders – Sometimes referred to as salt or sand.  We offer 7 different speeds of wax.  You might be wondering why there are so many speeds. Well, it is really very simple.  If you have a 9-12 foot table, you would need a wax that has a component to it that would allow you to keep the puck on the play field.  If you are playing on an 18-22 foot table, you probably want to play the fastest game possible.  Our Speed 1 and 2 are designed specifically for maximum speed play.  If you have a 14-16 foot table you might want to experiment with different speeds.

 Speed 1 –                                                               Super Glide              12 can case        

The most Super Fast powder around! Pure silicone ball bearings. This powder gives you the game with the most challenge. Finesse and touch are the key to winning with this powder. One of our best sellers.   

Speed 2 –                                                               Tourn Gold              12 can case

Formulated for the serious player. Used in most tournament play and preferred by professionals.

Speed 3 –                                                               Brown Bear              12 can case

This powder gives you speed and control as well as a faster game (but not the fastest). This has been one of our customers’ favorite products for many years.

Speed 4 –                                                               Yellow Bear              12 can case     

 Gives you a fast game with the ability to control your speed.

Speed 5 –                                                               Five Star                   12 can case     

For a medium-fast game, and ideal for all 14- to 22-foot shuffleboard playing fields. Another popular powder for both professional and social players. This powder gives players a comfortable game – with optimum speed and control.   

Speed 6 –                                                               Medium Speed        12 can case     

This powder is best on smaller tables – a perfect partner to 9- to 12-foot tables. Provides a slower game for a 14-foot table.

If you have played shuffleboard in public environments before you might have noticed that the owners sometimes reuse the powder out of the gutters.  This is not a good idea.  Keep in mind that the main component of most of the powders is very, very, tiny silicone balls.  These silicone balls are perfectly round.  Once the pucks ride on top of them they become jagged and imperfect.  Reusing the product could damage your playfield and will certainly slow your game.  Not to even mention the dirt and impurities that accompanies a reused product.

Caring for your shuffleboard should not be a grueling process.  In fact, the maintenance hours that you will spend over the coming years may be shared with your friends, family, and growing children, and may well be remembered as some of the fondest memories of your life.

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