Fillmore 8 foot Pool Table




The Fillmore Pool Table is built from solid maple hardwood and finished in a beautiful Tuxedo color. This trendy color has a medium grey/brown stain with stunning dark grey/brown grains. The Fillmore Billiard Table makes a great addition to any game room and the tuxedo finish allows it to live in many room colors. The routed aprons and legs add elegance to the table while the double diamond sights add a touch of class.

Solid hardwood, 1″ framed slate, black leather pockets, great finish make this one of the best values on the market.

• 8-ft. with 1-inch K pattern backed slate
• Solid uni-body construction
• Routed wood on the body and legs
• Solid wood rails, aprons, body and legs
• Leather drop pockets with shield
• Pearlized double diamond rail sites