Two-Piece Playfield Option




Shuffleboard tables built by Olhausen are available with a 2-piece playfield. This option allows 12′ to 22′ shuffleboards access down tight basements stairs and into elevators. Many shuffleboard tables have a two-piece cradle in which the playfield sits. This allows the cradle to fit down stairs but unfortunately, the 1-piece playfield may be impossible to negotiate down the stairs as it measures 3″ thick x 20″ wide by 12 to 22 feet in length.

Our two-piece playfield option is an ingenious way to separate the playfied into two pieces while providing a strong and accurate mechanism to join the boards back into one piece.  When playing shuffleboard the goal is to glide the puck to the other side as close to the end as possible. The puck glides effortlessly over the seam and is an excellent way to get shuffleboard tables into more basements.

Most but not all of our shuffleboard tables are available with a 2-piece playfield option so please be sure to call for model specific availability.

Be sure to check out the 2-piece playfield that we made for Anheuser Busch company to see if you can see the seam in the 2-piece playfield.