Giubileo 9ft

Original price was: $36,290.00.Current price is: $28,900.00.



The Giubileo is a finely crafted table inspired by early 20th century models. The Giubileo with its inherent elegance and style, features superb rounded legs inspired by the classic models found in the aristocratic European country houses and castles of the 18th century, a time when billiards was the favorite sport of the moneyed elite.

The Giubileo as displayed in our Green Brook showroom is hand crafted and decorated in a black & gold finish that gives this table it’s unique color, tone and texture. It is a striking contrast to the run-of-the-mill billiard table and gives a look richly suggestive of bygone eras. The “decorated” finish is literally painted by Italian artists who use techniques learned over the centuries. There are many steps and many man hours of artistic work to apply layer after layer of color, 24 karat gold leaf, and the artistic removal of color. The end result is a unique work of art and object of fascination even to those who have no interest whatsoever in the game of billiards.

The play surface is constructed from the finest Italian slate precisely honed to 10,000th of centimeter and a full 5 cm (2″) thick not including wood framing.

Our floor model price includes a matching floor rack, wall score board and triangle each adorned in the same finish and 24 karat gold leaf.