The Soho Dine & Play Table




The Soho Pool & Dine Table is built to order using the finest quality materials. It is priced with the optional dining top. It features a modern design with ultra clean lines and minimalist aesthetic. The top rails are made from solid maple hardwood stained and finished to match the high pressure laminates on the body and legs. The Soho Pool Table is available in your choice of Desert Sand or Slate Grey color.

We use 1” thick professional oversized and backed slate. When combined with K66 professional rubber cushions this table plays with tournament quality.

The Soho Pool Table has an optional dining top made in two sections. The dining top is made from Panolite which is amazingly light, easy to maneuver and highly durable. Matching benches and chairs are also available

  • Pool Table: 57″ x 101″ x 32″ ($5,499)
  • Two Piece Dining Top”: 58″ x 102″ ($1,499)
  • Dining Top Caddy: ($299)
  • Dining Bench: 60” x 15” x 20” tall ($699 each)
  • Dining Chair: Chair: 22” w x 23”d x 20.5” seat ($749 each)

Lead time: 4 – 6 weeks