Hainsworth Worsted Billiard Fabric

Priced for 8' table



Impressive Speed, Highly Durable, Low Maintenance, Protective spill guard prolongs the appearance and life of the cloth, A variety of 22 different colors to match any home décor, Industry recognition for use in pool halls, Individually packed, made to measure sets, and Made in England since 1783

Our professional playing Worsted Fabric has been specifically designed to ensure your pool table performs at the highest level! This fabric offers the “correct” speed for play and means you don’t have to overpower a shot to make the ball. Playing the game of pool is easier and more enjoyable. The Accu-Guard finish includes a superior spill protector that is penetrated through the cloth during the manufacturing process ensuring that the playability will not be affected.

Hainsworth has designed and manufactured this worsted fabric to strict specifications which meet or exceed all tournament requirements. The anti-pill design, Anti-fade finish, installer-friendly design and Spill-Guard protectant make this fabric the most complete, quality cloth available. It has a 24ounce weight and its high thread count ensures a durable playing surface and many years of professional playing enjoyment.

Facts: Virtually all professional pool events worldwide are played on worsted cloth. The United States is one of the few places left in the world that regularly sells traditional felt or “napped” cloth on a regular basis. The majority of the world has moved on to the better-playing and more durable worsted fabrics.

9′ bed and rails is additional $50
Built in Spill-Protection