Level Shots and Pool Table Maintenance – A Perfect Pairing


Have you ever lined up your shot to close out a game but the cue veers slightly off course? Everything was lined up correctly so you ask yourself what went wrong? After examining your brand new felt, you find unsightly white spots – evidence of the shot’s misdirection. To prevent future misses and minimize those white spots, try to take level shots at all times.


One of the best ways to maintain the felt on your pool table is to take a straight, level shot at the cue ball as opposed to a shot where the cue stick is angled downward onto the ball. This is easier said than done. Taking a level shot increases the cue ball control and minimizes the unsightly “white spots.”


Why is taking a level shot so important for your pool table? Because, level shots make for fewer felt burns. When felt is pinched between the cue stick and the ball, a visible “white” mark is left behind. By taking shots that are more level, the amount of felt burns on your beautiful billiard tabletop will be greatly diminished and in turn, the beauty of your billiard felt will be maintained.


Maintaining your pool table includes several other elements that may seem like “common sense.” Things like keeping animals and children off the tabletop, providing a separate table for food and beverages, or maybe even basic tabletop maintenance such as brushing or vacuuming may come to mind.


Always cover the table when it is not in use to protect from excessive light pollution and to keep other particles from settling into the felt.  Remember to brush your felt once a week and vacuum as necessary. Another trick is to slightly dampen a cotton cloth with water and wipe  down the felt and rails.


Level up your stroke, follow through the cue ball and game on. If you have any pool table maintenance questions, please feel free to visit  Pool Tables Plus at either of our showrooms located at: 297 East U.S. 22 Green Brook, NJ or at 182 North State Route 17 Paramus, NJ. If you’d rather call, please get ahold of us at: 1.800.732.7666.

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