Custom Fitted Pool Table Cover – USA

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Our Custom Fitted Pool Table Covers are made in the USA from heavy 29 oz. vinyl with a rayon backing. All of our covers seams are triple stitched while the hems are double stitched with 10 stitches per inch. These are the best looking and most durable covers available.

We make these covers in three price points. Our DURA-T is made with marine grade 29 oz. vinyl. Our WEST-T BOMBERJACKET is made with a 30 oz. vinyl and our most expensive WEST-T BRAIDED is made from a 36 oz. vinyl.

All of our Custom fitted covers are available in a variety of standard pool table sizes. In addition, we can tailor fit the cover to your specific pool table dimensions for a custom fit that will guard against dust, sharp objects, spills, sunlight and other potential damage. Choose from a variety of colors and assorted finishes to match your room decor.

Each cover is made to order in about 2 to 3 weeks.