Urban Shuffleboard Table




Contemporary…Sleek…Quality! The Urban is a sleek and contemporary design that brings shuffleboard into the new era. Made to order and constructed of powder-coated steel, the cradle can be finished in any color shown on our color chart. To add a clean touch, the inside walls of the cradle are lined with a vinyl wrapped cushion. Select a vinyl to match the powder coat color.

Priced in 9′ length ($200 per additional foot). Available sizes are 9, 12′, 14′, 16′, 18′, 20′, or 22′ (tournament size). The Urban can be upgraded for outdoor use for an additional $950.00. This includes additional clear/UV protection and wrapping the play surface in fiberglass. Also requires an outdoor cover for $500.

MATERIAL:•Solid 3″ Thick Select Kiln-Dried Hard Rock Maple Playfield with our Polymer Finish (Lifetime Warranty)•Cradle and Legs are Solid Steel with Powder Coated Finish•Padded Vinyl Wrapped Interior Walls of Cradle (your choice of vinyl color)•Cradle Bed is Gray Carpet

ACCESSORIES (Included):•One Set of Playing Weights•Climate Adjusters•Two Bottles of Speed Powder•5 Inch Adjustable Leg Levelers•One Board Wipe•One Can of Silicone Spray

•Playfield: 20″ wide x 3″ thick•Cradle Width: 33″•Cradle Length: add 2″ to each size table due to thickness of metal cradle (i.e. 12′ table measures 12’2″ in length)•Table Height: 33″ to the top of the playfield•Cradle Bed is Gray Carpet•9′ Model has 2 Sets of Legs on a One-Piece Cradle•12′-22′ Models have 3 Sets of Legs on a Two-Piece Cradle