Marquis di Sorrento Pool Table

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The Marquis di Sorrento – Hand crafted in solid Alder hardwood and finished in any color to match the look and feel of your room. Rails are made from solid African Shedua hardwood and embellished with genuine mother of pearl inlaid sights. The entire table is hand rubbed to a beautiful and durable patina. You can choose genuine leather net drop pockets with coordinating fringe or leather shield.

Literally thousands of tiny solid wood inlays are the highlight of this magnificent table fashioned in the style of the John Thurston tables from the 1800’s. The hand-cut inlays alternate from Alder, Black Ebony, Birds-eye Maple and Pear wood. The beauty of the Marquis di Sorrento is far from just skin deep. Two solid hardwood beams are interlocked in routed crossbeam slots for extraordinary stability-as opposed to the modern glue method used by imports. And every seam, even inside and underside areas never seen, are sanded and finished.

CLASSIC CUE RACK: Made of solid Honduran mahogany, the clean lines, flutes and elegant cornice reflect the influence of Renaissance designers.