Goodfellas Poster 27×39





  • Product ID: 2978-a70
  • Year: 1991
  • Dimensions: 27″ x 39.25″

You can purchase this movie poster in one of our stores for $29.95. For an additional $70.00 we can mount it on hard board and frame it in stainless steel under glass. We use only genuine 1/4″ glass which is scratch resistant and cleans easily with windex. Be aware that framed movie posters purchased on other online sites use a clear acrylic cover which scratches and cannot be cleaned with windex. I guess that old beloved adage is true, you can’t have a gangster picture without someone getting beaten to death for laughing at a joke. I mean, come on folks, jokes are a lethal commodity. God forbid Jerry Seinfeld ever gets cast in a gangster movie, he’d have a bullet in his head before the opening credits. You know what else is a gangster movie necessity? In a word…well I can’t actually say the word, because I am a decent, well mannered woman, but you all know what word I am speaking of. The ever popular F-word. The F-word is used a total of 246 times in Goodfellas, and mostly by Mr. Pesci. Joe Pesci also won the Best Supporting Actor award for his role as Tommy DeVito in the film. In what was probably the shortest acceptance speech the Awards ceremonies have ever witnessed, Joe simply accepted the statue, uttered a quick ‘Thank you’ and exited the stage. Short and simple, like the man himself. On behalf of…myself, I’d like to retract the above comment, as I was clearly out of line and should Mr. Pesci happen upon this particular site, I would just like to plainly state that in no way, shape or form do I consider myself funny or amusing.