Caddyshack Poster 27×39





  • Product ID: 713-A70
  • Year: 1980
  • Dimensions: 26.75″ x 38.5″

You can purchase this movie poster in one of our stores for $29.95. For an additional $70.00 we can mount it on hard board and frame it in stainless steel under glass. We use only genuine 1/4″ glass which is scratch resistant and cleans easily with windex. Be aware that framed movie posters purchased on other online sites use a clear acrylic cover which scratches and cannot be cleaned with windex. Remember the scene when Ty Webb (Chevy Chase) drives a golf ball right into Carl Spackler’s (Bill Murray) home? Apparently this scene did not exist in the final script and only made it to film because Chevy Chase, Bill Murray and Harold Ramis (the director) realized that Murray and Chase did not have a scene together in the final draft. If you’ve seen the film, (and if you haven’t, what rock are you living under?) you will know that the scene is perhaps the funniest in the entire film. Oddly, this is the only scene put on film between Chevy Chase and Bill Murray.