Titanic poster 27×39





  • Product: 7490-a70
  • Year: 1997
  • Dimensions: 26.75″ x 38.5″

You can purchase this movie poster in one of our stores for $29.95. For an additional $70.00 we can mount it on hard board and frame it in stainless steel under glass. We use only genuine 1/4″ glass which is scratch resistant and cleans easily with windex. Be aware that framed movie posters purchased on other online sites use a clear acrylic cover which scratches and cannot be cleaned with windex. James Cameron’s Titanic accomplished quite a bit. It made a mega star out of Leonardo DiCaprio, it won the Best Picture Oscar in 1997 and, it also happened to make a little bit of a profit. With an estimated earning of 600 million plus dollars, Titanic has become the highest grossing film in history. Now, way back when, when the film was being made and it was receiving an enormous amount of flack from the studio for being over budget, James Cameron knew he was working on something special. At a budget of 200 million dollars, (and rising) Cameron decided to appease the studio; he would forego his own salary in order to continue making the picture. Did you know that the over all budget of the movie Titanic was more than it actually took to build the ship itself? In equivalent U.S dollars, it took approximately 120-150 million dollars to build the ship in 1912, and 200 million to film the movie in 1997. I bet it’s tough shooting a movie when you’re wet and running around like a mad person 90% of the time. I bet it’s even tougher being wet, running around AND you’re suffering from the after effects of PCP. On the final night of shooting the film, the rumor is that a sneaky rascal laced the clam chowder with some PCP (Angel Dust). Most of the cast and crew were adversely affected. 80 people had to be hospitalized. Maybe they were filming Half Baked near by and someone got lost in the haze.