Apex Darts

Box of 12 darts. League players receive 15% discount



The Apex No.1 are the darts used for traditional American boards in tournament play. They are 5 3/4″ long, with a barrel roughly 1 1/2″ around the thickest part . The barrel of an Apex No.1 is slightly smaller than the Widdy darts giving them a more streamlined profile. The flights on an Apex are cut into the sharp-edged form, unlike the rounded edges of a Widdy. The feathers flights are also smaller than those found on a Darto or Widdy dart, further contributing to a more streamlined profile.

Apex darts are more expensive than the other American style darts. Still, there is a loyal crowd of dart shooters that swear Apex darts are more accurate than the Widdy darts. Each dart is hot-stamped with Official No.1 – “APEX” Norristown – Penna.

Apex was founded in 1912 by Charles High. Originally, they made ladders. That didn’t last long, and within a decade of being formed, the company turned it’s efforts towards the manufacture of dartboards and darts. In 1946 the company was sold to Robert Glass, who ran operations until he passed away in the mid 80’s. Now (2008), Robert Glass Jr. is at the helm, and they’re still turning out hand-made darts and boards.