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Product Description

The Centenario is a fine tables in the “Classic Collection” . it has been inspired by the classic models found in the aristocratic European country houses and castles of the 18th century, the time when billiards was the favorite sport of the moneyed elite. Tables in the classic collection are ideally designed for House of Distinction and have become the choice of top interior designers across the world looking for products that are both aesthetically pleasing and built from the finest of materials.

A faithful reproduction of an early 19th century model, the Centenario offers the state-of-the-art engineering usually associated with tournament models. This table may be ordered in rare and precious woods as Walnut, Cherry, Olive and Amazaqué.  It has recently been produced in old restored timber, with fabulous result. All finishes are the handiwork of master craftsmen and joiners, and of professional interior decorators.

The play surface is constructed from the finest Italian slate precisely honed to 10,000th of centimeter and a full 5 cm (2″) thick not including the wood framing.

Option: Each model belonging the the collection can have a particular finish. Standard finish is natural wood varnished. Options can be: decorated patina, hand scratched for a weathered look, Moka wax finish, lacquered in any color, upholstered in Velvet or in Leather. The complete handiwork of the manufacturing process allows intervention in each phase of the construction, modifying at pleasure each detail that is not involved in the dynamics of the game.

Each table comes standard with matching wall or floor cue rack, wooden scorer, triangle, Belgium Super Pro amramith balls, four 2-piece cue sticks, the finest Gorina, Iwan Simonis or Hainsworth worsted fabric in many fabulous colors.


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